Christ in the OT ~ 3


3. The Kingdom Foreshadowed
      Begun            Joshua — Ruth
      Flourishing       I & II Samuel, I Kings 1-10, I Chron, II Chron 1-9
      Failing            I Kings 10 — II Kings, II Chron 10-36
      Promise Regained       Ezra — Esther

Part 3-1.   The Kingdom Foreshadowed     Begun     Joshua — Ruth


      Under Joshua’s leadership the people enter their land, conquer, and yet conquer incompletely. Consequently, they continue to be vulnerable to the influence of idolatry from their new neighbors. They fall into oppression and the result is a period of alternating peace and conflict. At the end is a story of a foreign woman. Ruth, who marries into the tribe of Judah. Her child becomes the ancestor of a coming King who will fulfill promises made to Abraham.

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