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Steve & Elaine Elliott

0) default ~
9312 Twin Trails Dr #203
San Diego, CA 92129
      Jonathan or Marie will forward as we deem best.
      (including in CANIZ package if cheaper)

. . . or check with us for best option: |

1) NO LONGER EVEN AN OPTION ~ Guatemala NOT delivering foreign mail !
PLEASE discontinue
street address for mail/packages:*
2ª Avenida Norte Nº 6-B
La Antigua Guatemala
      . . . for visits ONLY maps

2) CANIZ ~ You pay US postage
we pay a couple of dollars & get fast & sure

Steve or Elaine Elliott (A-594)
PO Box 669004
Miami Springs, FL 33266-9004

3) CANIZ For packages that need a physical address
You pay US shipping to Miami
we pay by weight & size + customs fees
(please don't use without prior arrangement)

Steve or Elaine Elliott (A-594) CANIZ
8550 N.W. 66th Avenue
Miami, FL 33166
                                                new: 2018
. . . tel: (305) 338-4551

Include receipt inside, in case needed for customs broker.

Or ~
4) bring it down yourself !
You pay airfare ~ we put you up & feed you.

If there's any question which option ~ please ask )
(e.g.: check that we'll be here before you book your airfare )

* There is another house with this same number (error!)
so we often don't get our mail sent to our street address(!)
and in any case it can take a couple of months to reach us!
NO LONGER EVEN AN OPTION ~ Guatemala NOT delivering foreign mail !

We no longer have 501(c)3 status,
        and cannot issue nonProfit tax-deductible receipts.

depositing checks
For a physical check: Pay to Stephen R Elliott
        on back "signature" = deposit to 002859638
mail to:
        Mission Federal Credit Union
        Linda Vista Branch
        5375 Napa St. #101
        San Diego, CA 92110

using my e-mail:

. . . please check your PayPal sending fees first . . .

We use 50-cent POPmoney through our (online) bank account
        also works vía recipient's e-mail;
        or direct to their bank account if they've set that up.

. . . questions? clarifications? please ask vía e-mail |