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Steve & Elaine Elliott

Life in La Antigua Guatemala


It's rough but sumbuddy's gotta do it . . .

PAV • Proyecto Alternativas a la Violencia


PAV is a set of 3-day interactive workshops that help with conflict resolution strategies, and the final workshop is on healing trauma. Elaine enjoyed learning from the workshops, became a facilitator, and has tried to support the program.
     Since it is run mostly as a volunteer program it has a lot of turnover of people and does not grow as fast as it would if better funded!
     But it does a lot of good work and she is happy to be involved.
• participated & helped lead several workshops
• promoted participation, especially for Ixiles

Elaine's Trilogy on Jesus


Three devotionals of 365 days each which focus on Christ.
1) Christ Foreshadowed: Hebrew Scriptures point to Christ
2) Christ With Us: Meditations on the Gospels
3) Christ's Kingdom Grows: Meditations on Acts to Revelation

      Elaine's website

Elaine's Tours


Elaine's Focus on Justice




COMAL is an acronym for part of our Ixil project. Since a comal is the clay griddle on which tortillas are made, it has a nice feel. It is a glossary with Ixil/Spanish data that we are working to attach Semantic Domain numbers from the system SIL is using [which is not unlike the lexical system Steve began to develop at U of Chicago in 1975].
     COMAL starts with WordLists > Glossary > Phrases > Dictionary > Wiki (U'uikIXIL). Each is a hyper-link index to the others . . .
     We want this to be a major tool for the Academia de la Lengua Maya-Ixil as they work on Ixil lexical materials, and for the development of didactic materials on all levels.
     COMAL is also a comparative study of significant differences between Nebaj, Chajul & Cotzal (different enough to warrent 3 WBT/SIL programs).
     As a by-product, COMAL might serve as a different approach to Spanish—English vocabulary & comparative semantic domains.


Wiki format
Allows space for more extensive explanations than you would want in a Glossary or even Dictionary format.
Also for elaborating on the meanings and uses of similar terms.
Special sets of vocabulary receive their own pages, e.g.: numbers . . .
Hyper-links make possible jumping around.
WordLists, Glossary, Phrases, Dictionary, etc. can all link to where there is more on any term.

RLE texts


Ray Elliott ~ Maya-Ixil texts, and other linguistic materials
Our goal is to help make available my Dad's 50+ years' work as a Living Legacy for use by
      Maya-Ixil linguists & educators;
      Guatemalans and other Spanish speakers;
      Academics and other English speakers;
      . . . and properly archived as SIL work product.


/ ACLin = Asesores en Computación Lingüística
          (Linguistic Computing Consultants)
• Linguistic components
• Computing components
Online didactic materials on each



Mayan weavings are a single piece of cloth
• with the meaningful design on the front
• blank on the back
     and all the loose ends tucked inside

• is doing the same for databases.
     programmers’ tools . . .
          full power much simpler and faster


With masses of data since 1953 entered in various computer editors since 1980 and all now converted to MS WORD, how to get it into dataWeaving without re-typing (which would be tedious & also introduce errors)?
involves adding special codes to WORD files, and then an automatic process to draw into databases, er, dataWeavings :)

. . . and, of course(?)



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